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Can Laser Lipo Treatments Cause Infertility?

Many women looking for an alternative to traditional liposuction have found red light therapy to be a great way to target stubborn fat and reduce inches in trouble areas. However, some worried that even though they were avoiding the risks of surgery, there may be different risks associated with red light therapy.

So, can Laser Lipo treatments cause infertility?

According to Dr. Kyle Coleman, MD & Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeon, no.

“Laser liposuction involves the use of a subcutaneous laser during liposuction; the laser heats up the fat and skin in the area mainly in order to aid in tightening. The heat created remains in that tissue and has no effect on any other portion of the body. There should be no impact on fertility in the near or long term.” (*1)

Originally developed for pain relief and healing, laser lipo treatments are used to help regenerate cells and are a safe and effective method for body contouring. (*2)

Not only is red light therapy safe, but it may also actually help increase fertility and conception rates! In a study done in Denmark, red light therapy was used to help 260 of 400 participants who were told they were infertile,conceive. This study applied red light directly to the abdomen and is thought to work in two ways.

According to, the first way “optimises the environment of the reproductive system, ensuring egg cells are released during ovulation, can travel down the fallopian tubes, and can implant into a healthy uterus wall with good blood flow, a healthy placenta can form, etc(23). The other mechanism involves improving the health of the egg cell directly.” (*3)

To grow and thrive, egg cells need lots of energy, which they get from mitochondria. Red light therapy targets mitochondria, increasing their function and thereby increasing fertility.

And it’s not just women that benefit from red light treatments. Studies have shown that red light therapy may also help increase sperm count and motility while decreasing the production of abnormal sperm cells in men.

In one study from Denmark(7), sperm counts increased from 2 million per ml to over 40 million per ml with only one treatment to the testicles.” (*3)

Far from causing infertility, red light therapy may be a promising new way to increase fertility in both men and women. Interested in learning more about the benefits of red light therapy for weight loss and more? Schedule a consultation today!




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